About Me

I’m Tanya.

I’d like to help you in your journey in this frustrating world we’re stuck in and make you laugh – smile at least. By sharing stories, tragedies, experiences & thoughts as well as my understanding and learning in my faith. The changes it brings about in my life. I hope it helps you in some way. To place a ray of hope, of sunshine in your heart and mind and possibly, God willing, bridge some expanses that maybe causing problems. Problems within your circle of friends and family and, who knows, maybe help society.

That’s me! Summer 2017

Not like other Christian blogs; I don’t want this to be nor do I want this to be just for Christians but for those that need encouragement. Those that have experienced similar struggles or felt similar things and cried themselves to sleep at night. ALL of us hurt and go through rough times and I pray that this blog will reach just one person, help just one person feel not alone and possibly open some eyes too. To Jesus, to reaching those that are convinced that they’re a lost cause and no one will ever forgive them for their actions. This blog is for those that are lost, running on auto-pilot, the knitter, the abused and emotionally wounded. The widowed and emotionally numb. The crazy cat lover as well as the single mom as well as so many more. It is also for myself to have a non-knitting, non-church person outlet to express myself through.  As well as to share and document what I feel, my thoughts and understanding and my growth both as a Christian as well as a women trying to find herself.

I prefer to think that creating this blog coming from myself and my view of things, my understanding, will and can provide a more realistic different perspective on the common Christian blogs that are out there. That my difficulties, fumbling, struggles can help someone out there that just may stumble upon this little site. The Lord has shown himself to work in funny ways in the past three years, in connecting people to others is one of them. Helping one another is apart of who I am and if the things I write about
here can show 1-2 struggling individuals in their daily lives then their has been a purpose to this blog and my writing.  I want to encourage you, make you snort and have a split second thought NOT to do something because I did it. Have the scars to prove it. To learn from my experiences & struggles. To rest assure, that you’re not alone in your struggles and regain the strength to carry on and put away the self-indulging food.  There will be several entries related to knitting/crochet with the odd one of sewing and my on going war with my weight and ‘picky’ eating habits. The unfortunate circumstance of being on O.D.S.P (Ontario Disability System Program) and thus a very fixed budget. My social anxiety & depression, my childhood abuse, widowhood and the lose of loosing those close to me. My coming to Salvation, coming to trust Jesus as my savior and Lord. Understanding and growing in my study of Him, letting go of the old and embracing the women I am now. I’m sure there will be a post or two about cats, my Girls as well as I come from a cat loving family.

A rare photo of most of me!

I use to write in my early teens and right through high school, college where it then started to peter out as I moved in with the then boyfriend. Where only a little while later, I was writing on LiveJournal for several years before moving on wards to writing on message boards. Gradually fading into ezboard.com where I spent a lot of time writing play-by-post role-playing (rpg) and creating characters. I started blogging on blogspot around the end of 2007 – 2008 when I start learn knitting, and had botched my second attempt at Nanowrimo. Knitting and working with yarn grew, over taking the writing as my confidence was hurt after that Nanowrimo and anxiety of making a novel that would be published extinguished the childhood dream of being a published novelist.

I grew up sheltered in a small retirement town outside of Welland, Ontario Canada. I lost my mom at fourteen that caused my truck driving dad to become a the sole parent of two  different girls, seven years apart. The only real job I had growing up was working in sorting at the only factory in my home town, Bic’s Pickels. I met my husband through a great friend I met in grade seven who was dating my husband’s friend. We where introduced because we both shared a love for vampires.  My anxiety & depression kept me from living and glued to the husband for my protector, my shield to the big bad world. Then in April 2014 his dad passed away. The following February 25th he passed away suddenly from a heart-attack (and stubbornness, I add with a half smile). That summer I was attending semi-regularly a Christian church. Every Sunday is going to be the ideal time I update the blog, if not during the week. In the past near three years I haven’t been up to any big responsibility, not able to involve myself with anything important in life – to me. I want something I create to be of importance. I want to move on, work on something that I’m passionate about. My faith, my story is something I’m passionate about, or so a trusted great friend brought to my attention. She is right.

Wigging out! Grow hair, grow!

I hope & pray to hear from you, to hear feed back, questions. Say hello. Make sure you Follow the blog so that you don’t miss a blog entry or any news.

Thank you, for your time and visiting Under New Management.

May the Lord bless you.



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